Top 5 Gold Investments

1: 1oz Gold Britannia Coin 

The very popular and well-known 1oz Gold Britannia is our most loved as well as best selling product favoured by investors who are enthusiastic to benefit from its Capital Gains & Tax Free status. Gold Britannia's offer larger investors cost, and this tends to be the cheapest way to buy British tax free coins. Gold Britannia coins are easy to store, trade and sell due to their relatively small unit size. 

Unit Size:1 ounce (oz) 

Manufacturer: Royal Mint 

Tax Status: VAT Free and Capital Gains Tax Free

Carat: 24 carat 

Who buys Gold Britannia coins?  Investors spending £10-20k or more. 

                                              Large investors looking to spend £50k - £100k plus. 

                                               Investors who pay or expect to pay Capital Gains Tax. 

                                               British investors anticipating strong returns. 

                                               Large investors holding larger unit bars seeking added flexibility

2. Gold Sovereign

Our second best selling coin is the amazing Gold sovereign coins. These coins are the most recognizable British coin in the world and are our second  best-selling product favoured by all types of investors. Sovereigns are also Capital Gains Tax Free as well as easy to store, trade and sell. The cheapest coin will represent the best value this is as all sovereigns  are worth the same when selling to a dealer. 

Unit Size: 7.98 grams 

Manufacturer: Royal Mint 

Tax Status: VAT Free and Capital Gains Tax free

Carat: 22 carat gold coin. Containing 7.315 grams of pure 24ct gold

Who Buys Gold Sovereigns? Alot of First time investors who are looking to spend less than £1,000 

Larger investors spending £100,000 + and everyone in between. 

British investors anticipating strong returns. 

Investors paying or who anticipate paying Capital Gains Tax


3.  100g Gold Bar

Thirdly our all-time favourite our 100g gold bars are our most vastly invested size bars favoured by investors of all types. 100g bars represent greater value for money in comparison to coins whilst still maintaining an element of flexibility. These are often purchased in addition to smaller unit coins and bars. All our bars are essentially the same with prices varying on your preferred brand and weight . 

Unit Size: 100 grams 

Manufacturers: Umicore, Heimerle Metalor & PAMP 

Tax Status: VAT Free. 

Carat: 24 carat pure gold. 

Who buys 100g Gold Bars?  Investors seeking greater value for money whilst demanding flexibility. 

                                                  Investors not concerned with CGT. 

                                                  Larger investors spending between £10k - £50k+

                                                 Investors who like to mix unit sizes holding bars and coins.

4. 1oz Krugerrand

Our Gold Krugerrand is the wider world's most recognizable universal coin and is our bestselling ‘International’ gold bullion product -favoured by investors of all sizes. The Krugerrand offers a very good balance between value and flexibility. It is easy to store, trade and sell, Krugerrands represent a good value investment. 

Unit Size: 1 ounce (oz) 

Manufacturer: South African Mint (Rand Refinery) 

Tax Status: VAT Free 

Carat: 22 carat gold coin. Contains 1 troy ounce of pure 24ct gold. 

Who Buys 1oz Krugerrands?  Investors not concerned with CGT. 

                                                    Investors seeking very good value for money and flexibility. 

                                                    Investors spending between £1,000 to £20,000 + 

                                                   Investors buying Krugerrands in addition to CGT free British gold coins 


5. 50g Gold Bar

Last but not least our 50g Metalor Gold Bar is very highly popular amongst our other gold bars. 50g bars also represent greater value for money in comparison to coins whilst still maintaining an element of flexibility.  

Unit Size: 50 gram 

Manufacturer: Metalor

Tax Status: VAT Free 

Carat: 24 carat pure gold