1KG Umicore Investment Gold Bar (999.9)

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1 Kilo Gram Umicore Investment gold bar. These gold bars are delivered in their original packaging with a sealed certificate of authenticity. 

A world renowned refiner of gold, silver and other precious metals Umicore is one of the largest refiners in Europe. With headquarters in Germany and branches all over the world they are one of the most trusted refiners in globally. Regularly producing bullion which meets the tightest international gold standards and have also been approved by the LBMA. All of Umicore's gold bars are now marked with a unique identifying number and accompanied by a certificate. 

Weight (grams): 1000

Pure gold content (grams): 1000

Fineness: 999.9

Dimensions: Top: 90mm x 40mm.

Bottom: 81mm x 31mm.

Thickness: 17mm

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