Our Trade Services

Being the 'UKs most well renowned ' gold buyers. Gold Bank London want to give the opportunity to the trade and offer access to the most top high-end machinery and facilities we have.

  • Providing low margins
  • Robust and efficient services
  • Immediate settlement on scrap at trade prices
  • Receive on the spot immediate payment.
  • Cash or Bank Transfer


Gold Bank London is one of the UK’s well-established gold refineries, we have over 30 years of experience and alongside that have received immense amounts of respect with our given reputation. We can process all types of precious metal scrap at any quantity. Trade customers can book an appointment with our trade manager on 02035001111 (Mon-Fri 9:30am-6pm Sat 12pm-5pm)

We have an in-house refinery in which we can refine, polish, separate metals as well smelt/melt gold. We offer this to the trade, this being any jewellers. We value our professionalism and own some of the most premium and high-end machinery.

Selling scrap

We buy scrap from jewellers at market leading prices and offer the lowest margins to our trade customers. Book an appointment today and bring your unwanted scrap for the highest value on the market!

Bullion at trade prices  

 If you are a VAT registered business, we offer one of the most competitive gold buying (Bullion and 22K jewellery) prices on the market. With an immediate settlement, via cheque, cash or bank transfer. Offering up to 99% of the market value.

For any more info or to book an appointment on the trade services we offer do not hesitate to call our shop on 02035001111 Or even drop us an email at sales@gold-bank.co.uk