Why buy gold?

These are 4 important reasons out of many as to why you should invest and buy gold. 

In times of economic crisis and ambiguity buying gold has always been greatly beneficial in terms of for the long term, gold has an average return of 15% a year and has maintained that for thousands of years. Gold itself has held its value for many years. There are many reasons as to why buying gold is the best way to store your money in and make the investments you need.

1.  Market uncertainty 

Internationally as well as the UK economy are both becoming fragile due to an amplitude of financial and political issues as well as mass conflicts. Fast forward from the war in Syria, Racism emerging from the rise of Donald Trump, moreover the Brexit scandal of the United Kingdom. Increasing conflict has increased the level of uncertainty causing a negative impact on the price of commonly sold assets as well as shares that are owned by many.

People are less confident in holding investments in things they cannot see or touch. Due to this more and more people increasingly prefer physical gold as this way their wealth is insured into something solid and secure that you will physically have hold of. Physical gold has always been a haven asset rather than having your wealth in the hands of banks.

2.  Physical assets

The physical ownership of gold bullion bars and coins gives investors the utmost control over their wealth. Rather than trusting third parties and handing your money over to a fund’s manager, or even leaving it in the bank. Holding your gold at home or in secure storage gives you true control, ownership and responsibility over your own future and wealth instead of relying on others to do so.

3. A hedge against inflation

The price of gold right now is at a low like that of last years. Therefore, it makes sense to invest now; many central banks internationally are also stocking up whilst the gold price is in fact low as they believe this time to be the best opportunity for buying gold.

Inflation is currently happening and as the years go by the UK is becoming a more costly country to live in. Due to this having physical assets such as gold is beneficial as whenever you are in need you can turn to our gold, sell this and have extra money.

4. A form of insurance

Owning gold could well be the ultimate insurance for turbulent times. It is an age-old question which people have been asking for centuries – where is my money safe? More and more people are now choosing the oldest answer = gold. Living costs are higher while wage growth has been terribly slow to catch up with inflation. Banks are wary of lending and interest rates are exceptionally low.

Gold offers about as much certainty as you can get and bullion, unlike other investments, will always hold a value. Gold bullion is an effective way of hedging against other investments as its value remains consistent when other investments such as stocks and property are under-performing.

5. Easily liquidable

Gold is a precious metal that is easily liquid able meaning that it can be transformed into anything required very easily. Whether it is into jewellery or for industrial use gold is very handy in terms or being of many uses!

6. Internationally recognised

Gold is a form of currency that is internationally recognised worldwide. Wherever you go you can use gold as a form of currency. Gold is recognised amongst millions of brokers, jewellers and refiners worldwide!

7. Transformable into jewellery                                                         

Gold can be transformed into jewellery very easily through a refinery, even here at Gold Bank headquarters. By melting down the gold a goldsmith can transform your gold bar/coin into any form of jewellery you require. This way you can be certain your jewellery is 999.9% pure as well as it being 24 Carat and not mixed with other less valuable components.