Why Buy Gold?

Why should you buy gold? In a time of ambiguity and improbability, there is no better time to buy with confidence. Investment in gold truly is the ultimate insurance and it is actually recommended that everyone should own 5-10% of their liquid wealth in gold. There are countless reasons why you should be buying gold and why it is a quality asset to have.

With the economy at a low and the uncertainty of banking systems, you are probably looking harder than ever for reliable ways to protect the value of your money. Ownership of gold is a secure way to protect the value of your wealth as it will always hold significant value.

Gold offers the maximum amount of certainty you can get; it is protected against economic factors like deflation and inflation, interest rates and currency issues. Money has the potential to be devalued with the possibility of officials choosing to print extra through quantitative easing, but gold is a timeless possession that cannot be devalued.

Owning and buying gold means that you have total control over your wealth. You have that physical ownership and do not have to trust any third party to look after your assets. This does mean, however, that you need to buy your gold in coins and bars, not paper or electronic gold, to be able to benefit from the true rewards of gold investment.

Some other reasons why you should invest in gold are:

  • Gold is in high demand across the world as global gold production is not matching consumption
  • You have true control and responsibility for your own future wealth
  • The unpredictability of the economy shows that it is likely that there will be further rises in the value of gold
  • Even in the most extreme circumstances like the banking system collapsing and money losing its total value, gold can be used as a currency to buy and trade
  • Gold is a safeguard for your future and a profitable investment

In countries that have experienced economic collapse within lifetime memory, like Russia and Germany, owning gold is a familiar way to preserve wealth. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are not rich enough to buy gold - whether you are humbly comfortable or a multi-millionaire, it is a great investment for the ultimate protection of your wealth.