1 Oz Gold Somalia Elephant (Mixed Years)

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The 1oz Somalia Gold Elephant coin features the stunning display of the majestic elephant and contains 1oz of 999.9 fine Gold. African elephants are the largest and heaviest land animal on the earth with no known natural predators once they reach adulthood. This majestic animal graces the reverse of each coin with a design that changes yearly making it desirable by both collectors and investors.
The obverse of the coin depicts the Somali Coat of Arms with the face value of 1000 shillings. The back/reverse of the coin features the 2 Adult Elephants facing each-other. Between the 2 elephants is the African Savanna with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.
Please note this is a mixed years coin therefore any year that is available will be sent out!

Metal: Gold

Fineness: 999.9% Purity

Weight: 31.1 Grams

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