22ct 4 Gram Half Gold Sovereign Coin (2021) CGT Free*

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The Half-Sovereign is half the weight of The Sovereign, but still features the same intricate design as its larger relative. When The Sovereign was revived in 1817, it featured engraver Benedetto Pistrucci’s depiction of St George and the dragon, a design that has become perhaps the most famous coin design in the world. The Half-Sovereign adopted the iconic design a little later in 1893, when it replaced the Royal Arms, which had previously appeared on the reverse.

This year the coins of The Sovereign family, including The Half-Sovereign, carry that renowned design but with a small but very important addition. A ‘95’ crown privy mark has been added to the famous design for one year only, celebrating Her Majesty’s 95th birthday and making this a very special edition.

Weight: 3.99 Grams

Metal: 22ct Gold

Fineness: 916.7 (22 Karat)

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